Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Pepperdine University: Success after Graduation… 10 February 2017

Promoting “Success after Seaver” at Pepperdine University

Colleges and universities websites that make an extra effort to promote the success of their students after graduation are increasing but are still relatively rare. Few of the pages that do exist make it easy to scan individual content elements. And that’s a mistake… engaging content about success after graduation will add to the student recruitment strength of higher education websites.

Today’s Link of the Week uses an infographic-style presentation to highlight several key areas for the Class of 2015, including:

•Types of Work

•Graduate and professional school admissions

•The Pepperdine alumni network

•Fellowships and awards

•The 7 “most popular places” graduates live and work, displayed on a U.S. map

How to make the content stronger? Add, for instance, links from the 5 business and professional school types (Business, Law, Medicine, Education, Arts & Sciences) to a list of the school in each class. That’s a likely next task that potential students and parents might want to complete but the pathway is not obvious.

On Mobile… higher than usual download speed

Google “Test My Site” rating gives this page a high 72/100 for Speed and a “good” if not great 90/100 for “Mobile Friendliness” when the page is ready to view. Desktop speed is a strong 92/100.

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