Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of South Australia: 4 Key Home Page Links… 17 February 2017

4 Immediately Visible Key Links on the Home Page

University of South Australia Home PageHome page clutter is a continuing problem that web design evolution over the years has done little to fix. Most sites throw a plethora of links at visitors, whether immediately visible or unfolding during a scroll down the page.

And so today we celebrate another rare home page that practices admirable self-restraint to place just 4 links where people will see them in a second or less as the page opens. Visit by smartphone or desktop/laptop and you’ll see the same 4 links.

The 4 links give visitors the option to move immediately along to learn more about one of these topics:




News & Events

Some few visitors might also stay to watch the carousel images behind the key links. In an usual feature (to me at least), moving a cursor from one link to another changes the rotating image you’ll see behind it and the brand message that appears above it so that each is matched to the link topic.

On Mobile

Google “Test My Site” rating gives this page a “fair” 65/100 for Speed and a “good” 93/100 for “Mobile Friendliness” when the page is ready to view. The Speed rating for desktop viewing is slower than the mobile version at 64/100. That’s unusual. Desktop speed ratings are almost always much higher than on mobile.

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