Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Cedarville University: Parent Blog for Student Recruitment… 10 March 2017

Parent Blog for High School Student Recruitment

Cederville University Parent PrepParents play a significant role in the college choice decisions of high school students selecting a college. Yet few colleges and universities create a communication program for parents or try to capture parent emails.

After making that comment in a recent tweet, along came a recommendation from Janice Supplee at Cedarville to visit a website page especially for parents. I did just that. And thus today’s Link of the Week selection.

Cedarville uses a blog-format to provide regular updates on topics important to parents. The current page, for instance, includes headings for 3 articles:

•Parent Testimony: Cedarville is Worth the Investment

•The Value of Cedarville’s Study Abroad Programs

•Proof Positive: Placement Rates

An archive listing includes 10 easy-to-scan topic areas, including “Affordability” and “Financial Aid” and “Careers.” Recent postings were available for each topic visited. That’s not something to take for granted when visiting sites like this.

Visitors will also see a blessedly brief “Info Request” form that requires just 5 lines to complete: first and last name, phone, email address, and zip code.

On Mobile

Google “Test My Site” rating gives this page a “poor” 58/100 for Speed and a “good” 92/100 for “Mobile Friendliness” after the page downloads. The Speed rating for desktop viewing is also slow at a “fair” at 66/100.

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To review website content and style designed to create parent support in the student recruitment process, visit Parent Prep College Planning Resources for Parents at Cedarville University.

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