Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Humber College: Admissions Road Map… 17 March 2017

10-Step “Admissions Road Map” Brings Clarity to An Often Confusing Process

Navigating a college or university admissions process from start to finish can be a daunting task.

That’s why Humber College in Toronto deserves special merit for creating a web page that lays out 10 steps in an easy-to-scan presentation that a visitor can see in 5 seconds or less. Few schools make the proverbial “customer journey” as easy to see as this.

A click on a heading opens to a brief description and a link to more information about that step. For instance, the first “Research Programs” step opens to 4 possible actions:

•Not Sure What You Want You Want to Study? > Career Options

•Research Programs of Interest > A – Z Program Offerings

•Program Advising > Contact a Placement Advisor

•Visit Us In Person > Book a Campus Tour

After that first step on the path to enrollment, 9 more follow:

  • Apply to Humber
  • Track Your Application
  • Receive Your Offer
  • Confirm Your Offer
  • Pay Your Fees
  • Next Steps
  • Register for Classes
  • Attend Orientation
  • You’ve Arrived!

Two other points of note:

  • The link to the Admissions Road Map is immediately visible on a home page that gives priority to student recruitment content above everything else. Future students can pick from one of 3 very visible links: Find Your Program or Admissions Road Map or Book a Tour are imposed on the opening image at the top of the page.
  • There’s a refreshing absence of an image of a campus building or smiling students on this page. An image here would only interfere with getting started on the pathway.

On Mobile… a strong speed score

Google “Test My Site” rating gives this page a “fair” (but unusually high for a college or university site) 74/100 for Speed and a “good” 95/100 for “Mobile Friendliness” after the page downloads. The Speed rating for desktop viewing also rates “good” at 89/100.

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To review website content and style designed to create parent support in the student recruitment process, visit the Admissions Road Map at Humber College.

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