Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Dalhousie University: How Students Use the Web… 7 April 2017

3 Myths on How Students Use the Web

Dalhouse University How Students use the WebCreating a website with marketing strength depends on several key elements, not the least of which is knowing how students prefer to use higher education websites. Judging from the content presentation on many of the websites I visit, too many people simply don’t understand that “simple is better” to let people quickly complete the tasks that bring them to a website.

The Web Team at Dalhousie (a mix of people from IT and Marketing & Communications) takes a direct approach that I’ve not yet seen at other websites with a page devoted to dispelling 3 myths about students and their website use. Neither the myths themselves nor the accurate comments that dispel them are new. What is new is the prominence that the Dalhousie web team gives them.

The three myths, in the order presented at Dal:

•Myth 1: Students are technology wizards

•Myth 2: Students crave multimedia and fancy design

•Myth 3: Students are enraptured by social networking

Do you agree? Many people in admissions and student recruitment do not. And so a suggestion. Visit the Dal website Link of the Week page, print out or share the URL, and discuss the reality statements after each myth.

From a marketing perspective, the most valuable might be the answer to Myth 2: “Students don’t want to be blasted with motion and audio when they arrive at a website. Studies show that students gravitate toward a plain user interface with a clear navigation, and are strongly search dominant.”

On Mobile

On a Google “Test My Site” rating, this page gets a perfect 100/100 from Mobile Friendliness but a poor 59/100 for Mobile speed. The desktop speed rating is better at 77.

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To see how one Web Team tries to guide web editors toward effective content preparation, visit “How Students Use the Web.”

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