Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of the West of England: International Student Recruitment… 14 April 2017

International Student Recruitment: Easy-to-Scan for Information by Country

University of the West of England BristolSome, but by no means all, international recruitment websites provide country-by-country information for admission requirements, visa rules, and more. Often the sites first present a “region” page. After clicking on the name of a region, a list of countries appears.

Today’s link of the week goes a step further than most in making things easy for potential students: our Link of the Week page shows 9 regions and the countries within each region together with a small image of each country’s flag. Most visitors will scan this page in less than 5 seconds and find their country without having to follow a link through a second door? A little thing? Perhaps. But if every website creator were committed to using as few links as possible, a visitor’s journey through the website would be faster. And faster is better.

UWE also provides, in some cases, more specific admissions information that you’ll find at most sites. A U.S. high school student, for instance, will see these requirements:

•”GPA 3.0 with one of the following:

Grades 3 and above in 2 AP subjects or a minimum of 1600 in SAT I including 600 in writing, critical reading and mathematical elements of the SAT Reasoning Test and a minimum of 600 in relevant SAT II Subject Tests taken or a score of 26 or higher in the ACT.”

On Mobile

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Follow the Link of the Week

See a website page designed to bolster international student recruitment success when you visit UWE – Bristol Country Information.

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