Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Net Price Estimator… 5 May 2017

Celebrating MyIntuition: A Great Net Price Estimator Alternative

MyIntuition college cost estimatorWhy is the completion rate for net price calculators low? Leave aside the fact that too many schools still make then (intentionally or not) hard to find. The standard “net price calculators” are mini-versions of the FAFSA form. That’s why completion rates are low.

Back in February 2014 I selected a marvelous alternative to net price calculators as a Link of the Week… the 6-question MyIntuition form initiated by Wellesley College. Not too long after that it was adopted by University of Virginia and Williams College. Further adoptions then seemed to languish. Until April 2017.

Today the Link of the Week is not a single college or university site. Instead, we are celebrating and suggesting everyone visit the new website promoting adoption of this brief approach to cost estimation. Up to 80 percent of people who start it will actually complete it. If you really do care about providing early cost estimate information to potential students, you will adopt this form.

When you visit you’ll see the 15 schools that are now using MyIntuition. From the dates of the press releases from the schools, most have just started using it in the last few weeks.

Variable Content Presentation and Download Speed

Visibility and initial presentation of MyIntuition varies among the schools using it. Here are the 15 adopters and links to the pages that offer the option to potential students and their parents. These mobile and desktop speed ratings are for the page that introduces MyIntuition (not the MyIntuition page itself except where noted).

UVA college cost estimatorA short from like this should be quite mobile friendly to complete with just a bit of vertical scrolling. At Pomona College, for instance, it is. But at University of Virginia, visitors will have to scroll sideways to see the pages. That’s a mistake.

On Mobile…

The MyIntuition website page itself scores a 65 for Mobile and a perfect 100 for Mobile Friendliness.

Follow the Link of the Week

The MyIntuition home page calls this approach to estimating college costs “a revolutionary online tool.” That’s not marketing hype. If you want to eliminate “sticker shock” as early as possible, visit MyIntuition Quick College Cost Estimator. You don’t have to be an “elite college” to do this.

Link of the Week Archive

Regular readers will notice that the Link of the Week selection now appear with my blog. To review initial 2016 selections and previous years visit the Link of the Week archive page.


  1. Really interested in MyIntuition calculator for our colleges, but haven’t received a response from completing a request for information form earlier this week, so maybe they’re not ready for prime-time.

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