Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of San Diego: Career Outcomes… 12 May 2017

Easy-to-Scan Career Outcomes Highlight Average Salaries by 13 Employment Areas

University of San Diego Career OutcomesHigh school students (and their parents) searching for the right college to attend have a high interest in the career results of people who graduate. Most higher education websites include similar information, including the number of people in a recent class who are employed within 3 or 6 months. Few schools, on the other hand, provide information that is specific to areas of employment or individual majors offered.

The University of San Diego “Career Outcomes” page borrows from infographic design style to present detailed information that is easy to scan in 5 seconds or less at the page opens. The opening photo on the page (which, we must note, has nothing to do with the page topic) is not so large as to obscure the title and initial content.

Elements that make this page different from most others:

•Not only the percent employed so many months after graduation, but that 71% had a first job offer before graduating.

•Not only full-time employment by 16 industries, but the average starting salary by 13 industry groups that is more useful than the average salary level for all graduates. We can see, for instance, how engineering compares to hospitality.

•A “Search Career Outcomes” link at the end of the page that lets people search for more outcome information for individual undergraduate and graduate programs.

On Mobile… a dismal speed result

Although the page is easy to scan and received a high 99/100 from Google for Mobile Friendliness, both the mobile (19/100) and desktop (25/100) speed ratings are unusually low.

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