Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… UCLA: Annual Fund Options… 9 June 2017

4 Key Options Highlight “Find Funds” Task Completion for Potential Donors

UCLA Annual Fund Find a FundMany people asked to donate to an annual fund value the ability to give to a specific school or program. That’s often a key factor in deciding whether or not to make a gift. An important task for campaign leaders is to make it easy for potential donors to review and sort through the available options. Today’s Link of the Week selection does an admirable job of doing just that.

First step, search: If visitors are ready to search for a particular fund or fund topic, that’s easy to do in the “can’t miss” search box that opens the page. A high priority for search on any web page is still unusual but it makes great good sense for people who already know where they want to go.

Second step, 4 key options: Visitors who want to review a broader array of options can sort things by 4 areas:



•Campus Areas


Sort for “Schools” and pick from the 13 UCLA schools that appear. After that, you’ll see the giving options available at the school you prefer.

third step exists for people who want to see every possible option at a large university… move along to “All Funds,” keep clicking on “Load more funds,” and scan your way through the plethora of possibilities. I’d bet that most visitors elect step 1 or step 2.

A Special Note…

As fine a page as this is, you are a better navigator than I am if you can find it from the annual fund home age. Visit the home page and see if you see the pathway. If you do something similar for giving options on your website, do make the sign post highly visible when visitors first arrive at the annual fund page.

On Mobile…

For smartphone visitors, Google Test My Site gives this site a 64/100 rating for Speed (and only a slightly better 67/100 if using a desktop computer) and a high 97/100 for Mobile Friendliness once content downloads.

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To review an annual find page that gives priority to making it easy for potential donors to find their preferred gift choices, visit Give to UCLA.

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