Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Virginia Commonwealth University: Parents Website… 16 June 2017

For Parents of Future Students, an Easy-to-Scan Entry Page

Virginia Common Wealth University Parents and FamiliesYou know you’ve found something special when a website created to help parents through the college selection journey opens with “Let us show you the way” and follows with “Where is VCU?” rather than a dean’s welcome message or some other marketing-speak content.

People at VCU were indeed paying attention to the questions parents ask.

That key first question is followed by answers to 4 more as you scroll down the page:

•Who makes up the VCU community?

•How do we get started?

•When should I mark my calendar?

•What resources does VCU offer its students?

Links from these questions show the perils and pitfalls of taking people to university pages that vary quite a bit in design format. Some people inevitably will stumble about a bit as navigation and content presentations change.

And we did wish that the answer to “Who makes up the VCU community?” included details of enrollment size, demographics, academic abilities, and more before presenting indiviual video stories.

On Mobile…

Google Test My Site gives this site a 59/100 rating for Speed on mobile (and only a 64/100 if using a desktop computer) and a strong 97/100 for Mobile Friendliness after the content downloads.

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Visit a website page with a strong initial presentation of content important to parents at the VCU “Let us show you the way” site.

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