Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Cal State Fullerton: Unique Faculty Expert Page… 7 July 2017

A “faculty expert” page gives results for an everyday keyword…

Califronia State Fullerton Faculty ExpertsMy quest this week was for a “faculty experts” page created to help journalists find faculty specialists in areas that interest them.

I didn’t know what to expect from visits to public and private sector colleges and universites, some quite large and some much smaller. All that I visited were on the first 5 pages after a Google search for “faculty experts.” And I opened nearly all of those.

Most results fell into three categories: (1) a “search” feature that using the name of a person or topic or keyword, or (2) an alpha list of topics that required scrolling in search of the topic of interest, and (3) a request to contact a person in media relations (or similar title) to arrange a faculty contact.

My search was for “Obamacare.”

Only in the search at California State University – Fullerton did my keyword search return the name of a faculty person. In this case, Shana A. Charles, assistant professor of health science, was listed for “health insurance” and “ACA or Obamacare” and “health reform implementation.” All in all, that seems a good combination for someone interested in current “repeal and replace” legislation in Congress. Every other search I tried simply said no results based on the Obamacare keyword/topic were available.

This does seem a example where higher education needs to be more in touch with what people outside academe might visit a faculty expert page to find. In not too many years, people will be using voice search to located desired content. Faculty expert pages might be a valuable tool if time is invested to make the search results on these pages more responsive. Today, not so much.

On Mobile…

Google Test My Site gives this page an “Excellent” rating on mobile for loading in 3 seconds. There isn’t a “mobile friendliness” score anymore but Google did report that the site fails usability guidlines. Since you can barely read the page on mobile, that makes sense. The page is not yet “responsive.”

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An extra note…

Ohio State University faculty experts came up on the Google “Obamacare” search. No results. Being from Michigan, I couldn’t but go the the University of Michigan faculty experts page (it was not included in the Google search results)… “Obamacare” brought up 29 results.

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