Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… School of Law, Queen Mary University of London: Home Page Key Links… 18 August

Law School Home Page Helps People Move Quickly to Key Content

Queen Mary University of London Law SchoolMost people who start a website visit at the home page want to move rapidly from that page to content of primary interest. For potential students visiting law school websites, for instance, that does not mean viewing photos of the most recent graduating class. Or waiting to watch for a carousel story that might interest them.

Today’s Link of the Week selection takes a different approach from most law school sites. At the top of the page in a “can’t miss” placement are 3 headings for (1) Undergraduate, (2) Postgraduate, and (3) Research areas of the website.

Under each primary heading are 3 easy-to-scan links that allow people to move rapidly to key content for each heading.

Visitors might see the 6-item carousel below the key links. But in an important design decision, a wise person or group of wise people decided not to place this at the top of the page and decrease the visibility of key links. Analytics data will reveal how many visitors stay on the page to watch the various items unfold.

On Mobile…

Room for improvement here. Google Test My Site gives this page a “fair” speed rating of 6 seconds to download, with an estimate that 24 percent of visitors will leave before the download is complete.

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Visit a law school home page designed to give potential students a quick passage to content that might favorably influence their decision to apply for admission at the Queen Mary University of London School of Law.

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