Your Higher Education Marketing Link(s) of the Week… 2 Videos Open Online MBA Programs… 25 August 2017

Video Opens Online MBAs: Temple University Fox School of Business & University of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business

You don’t have to look far these days to find articles about the growing importance of video in online communications, including student recruitment. And so today we depart from the usual Link of the Week highlighting a single website to bring you the opportunity to compare two different video styles from business schools that are ranked by US News among the Top 10 online MBA programs in the United States.

Very different video styles

We are not picking a video winner. Opinions most certainly will differ as the videos themselves are quite different. Indeed, we have no reason to say that a video opening like this is the best content marketing approach. Most online MBA programs do not do this. Visit each, watch the videos, make your decisions.

And note below the significant variations in mobile-friendliness between the sites. Both, for different reasons, have room for considerable improvement.

Fox School of Business

Temple University Online MBAThe website itself uses a “modern” design format in keeping with current higher education home page preferences. Potential students can scroll down the page for a variety of information about the Temple program, starting with 6 primary points about why they should “Connect to a Cutting Edge MBA.”

You don’t see the video itself as the page opens but you can’t miss the prompt to “View Our Full Video” after the marketing message that the Temple program is ranked first in the U.S.

This 1:16 video relies on a voice narrative to communicate distinctive points about the Temple program, with a strong emphasis on the ability of technology to let students stay in touch anywhere in the world. Are the people in the video actual Fox School online students? Maybe. Maybe not.

This video is not posted to YouTube.

University of Florida onlin MBA

Hough Graduate School of Business

The web site follows a “traditional” design approach, with a first image from the 2:05 video immediately visible when the page opens.

A strong emphasis on networking opportunties runs throughout the video, based in part on the fact that students meet every 4 months on campus. Staff members and students deliver the narrative. There’s no doubt about that. Identities for each appear with the first image.

Just under the video are 3 questions to answer to decide “Is the UF Online MBA Program Right for Me?,” followed by the differences between one and two year options.

The video was posted on YouTube on September 2014 and has had 38,200 views since then.

On Mobile…

Both sites can do better on mobile. Much better.

Temple University: Google Test My Site gives this page a “poor” speed rating of 11 seconds to download, with an estimate that 30 percent of visitors will leave before the download is complete. That’s one of the slowest speed scores we’ve tested.

University of Florida: No responsive design for this site. That makes the tiny text very difficult to read on a mobile phone, earning a warning from Google that “This site does not pass usability guidelines.” And thus the 5 second “Good” loading time is wasted as only the most persistent visitors will struggle with the page they see after that.

Follow the Link(s) of the Week

To watch the Fox School of Business video, travel to the online MBA home page.

To watch the Hough School of Business video, visit Online MBA programs.

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