Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Old Dominion University: Recruiting Online International Students… 8 September 2017

Recruiting International Students… For Online Programs

Old Dominion University International Students OnlineCompetition for online students is fierce… and likely to grow fiercer in the next year or two.

In that context, I went in search of college and university websites that were designed to not just deliver enrollment rules and regulations to potential online students from outside the United States, but that also focused on content with a persuasive recruitment focus. There were many of the former but very few of the latter. Among the 25 to 30 that I visited, “International Students and ODU Online” stood out from the rest.

Of special note: the priority position given to academic program information. That’s especially important for the great majority of schools where brand reputation is not be itself strong enough to draw inquiries and applications.

Consider the content presentation order:

First, an easy-to-scan map that tells people who might not be familiar with ODU where the university is located.

Second, several bullet points including links to accreditation and scholarship information that appear next to the map in another easy-to-scan, can’t miss position.

Third, links to 12 academic programs that “are popular with international students who study from their home country.”

Fourth, for people who might be interested in other program areas, links to “online programs by area… or by degree level.”

Additional information about support services, admissions, and cost follow along as potential students continue down the page.

Missing content: How about telling me how many international students are enrolled in ODU online programs?

On Mobile…

Google Test My Site gives a 5 second “Good” rating for download speed, estimating visitor loss at only 19 percent.

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Visit a website with an especially web-friendy approach to recruiting international students into online programs at International Students and ODU Online.

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