Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Edinburgh: Web Update Blog… 13 October 2017

Keeping Faculty, Staff, and Students Up-to-Date on Web Activities

University of EdingurghColleges and universities often face special challenges in keeping people within the institution up-to-date on ongoing events related to website design and content. And given the eternal resistance to change, a lack of ongoing communications can result in resistance to the need for continuing quality improvements.

The “Website Programme Team” at University of Edinburgh uses regular blog posts by a variety of people on the web team to make sure that anyone interested can keep current on work in progress and planned for the future.

From September 6 to October 12, 6 team members made 10 posts binned among a variety of categories:

  • Acting Head’s Updates (17)
  • Content Management (63)
  • EdWeb CMS (140)
  • Supporting strategy (29)
  • Team news (44)
  • Technical developments and enhancements (44)
  • Training, support & events (148)
  • User Experience and usability (112)

Posts started in January 2014. A prominent search block lets you search for topics of special interest. “Writing,” for instance, will bring up 10 posts on the first of 5 pages. The two on “pair writing” exercises are worthy reading if you’re interested in how to get writing pros and content specialists working together to elevate content quality.

On Mobile…

The site scores an admirable 3 second mobile speed score, with Google projecting a “low” visitor loss rate. If you’re inclined to think that all web team blogs score well, note that a similar blog at St. Andrews University tested on Google at 10 seconds, with an estimated 29 percent visitor loss rate.

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