Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… West Virginia University: “Quick Ballpark” Tuition & Fees… 20 October 2017

Making Tuition and Fee Costs “Quick” to Find

Finding basic tuition and fees costs for an academic program more often than not is a special challenge for potential students searching for a place to enroll. And if costs (and fees) differ from program to program, the challenge is even greater.

West Virginia University helps people complete this high priority task with a special “Tuition” page that allows visitors to “Estimate your cost of attendance at WVU in a few easy steps.” Just under that promise you can’t miss the large “Calculate your cost” link that leads to 5 basic questions, including a critical one that differentiates costs by academic program areas:

  1. Will you be enrolling as an undergraduate or graduate student?
  2. Are you a West Virginia resident or are you a non-resident who lives outside of West Virginia?
  3. Will you be living in a WVU residence hall, at home with your parents, or off campus (not with parents)?
  4. Are you interested in tuition and fees for the Fall/Spring semesters or for Summer Sessions?
  5. WVU college or school that houses your major. Not sure? Find your college/school by entering your major at

This last question is especially important. Many people will not know (or care) where a particular academic program has been binned within the several possibilities. For those who are not sure, including a link to the majors themselves that in turn identifies the college or school holding the program removes a potential speed bump on the path to task completion.

A “writing right for the web” note…

Sites like these are often plagued by bureaucratic language that only professionals in the field will understand. The WVA approach makes fine use of the “you” word to better connect with potential students. The writing style overall is friendly in a way that we should never take for granted.

On Mobile…

The site earned a “Good” rating from Google Test My site for a strong 4 second mobile download speed, with Google projecting a visitor loss rate of just 10 percent.

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See how one flagship public university helps potential students understand academic program costs early in the college choice cycle, visit the West Virginia University “Tuition” page.

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