Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Lycoming College: Super-Clear Scholarship Criteria… 16 November 2017

Unusually Clear Scholarship Criteria for Potential Students

Lycoming College Scholarship OpportunitiesScholarship content, of course, is popular among potential students, especially at private sector schools with high tuition levels. But how easy is it for a potential student to quickly scan a list of scholarships to see what’s available and what academic level is needed to win one?

Unlike most colleges and universities, Lycoming College offers a student-friendly “Incoming Freshman and Transfer Student Scholarships” page that’s easy to scan for the content important to students and parents.

Scholarship categories visitors will see include:

•Academic scholarships… 4 award levels from $25,000 to $19,000 per year.

•Transfer scholarships… 4 award levels from $24,000 to $18,000.

•Talent scholarships… “up to $3,000” for Music, Art, Theatre, Creative Writing, Film and Video Arts.

Web design note…

No photo or graphic is used on the page and none is needed. Images here would only push the important content lower on the page and make an immediate connection with visitors more difficult to achieve.

Home page search…

A large search box appears at the bottom of the Lycoming home page with the heading “Looking for Something Else?” Type in “Scholarships” and this Link of the Week page appears first on the list. Exactly as it should for recruitment impact. Never take that result for granted. (The home page itself wins a 3-second “Excellent” rating for mobile download speed.)

On Mobile… “Excellent”

The site earned a rare “Excellent” rating from Google Test My site for a 3 second mobile download speed. Google projects a “low” visitor loss rate.

Follow the Link of the Week

Visit the unusually visitor-friendly Lycoming College “Incoming Freshman and Transfer Student Scholarships” page.

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