Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Virginia: Alumni Career Services… 10 November 2017

Unique “Life Stage” Content Organization

University of Virginia Alumni Career ServicesIt seems obvious: alumni will benefit from different services from an “alumni career service” office depending on whether they have just graduated, seek to advance an already established career, or are planning to retire. UVA content presentation planning takes those differences into account with an unusual option to “Explore by Life Stage.” The link is well placed, at the top left of the Alumni Career Services page as it opens.

Depending on age, experience, and retirement plans, alumni can explore in these 5 areas:

•New Grads… 8 choices

•Rising Professionals… 7 choices

•Established Professionals… 7 choices

•In Transition… 6 choices

•Retirement… 7 choices

That’s a total of 35 service areas. Trying to get them all on a single page would create a content presentation jungle. The UVA approach on each page uses small graphics and brief text to present each choice in an easy-to-scan style that passes the 5-second test for likely visitor engagement.

On Mobile…

The site earned a “Good” rating from Google Test My site for a 5 second mobile download speed. Google projects a visitor loss rate of 19 percent.

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Review alumni career tasks presented by “Life Stage” at the University of Virginia Alumni Career Services page.

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