Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Boston University: Engineering Undergrad Outcomes… 23 February

Investing in Engineering at Boston University

Boston University Engineering Undergrad OutcomesNot a surprise to anyone that potential students (and for high school students, their parents) are interested in what happens to people after investing time and money in an academic program at a university of interest.

At many schools that information is presented as aggregate data for the entire school. But it makes marketing sense to also present the data by individual academic programs or program clusters.  Potential engineering students, for instance, are most interested in data on engineering programs. Potential nursing students, nursing programs. Mix the two together and you have less significant results.

The Boston University College of Engineering gets it right with important content that includes:

  • Employment and graduate school rates for each of the 4 engineering programs (Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical) as the data for the programs are quite different.
  • A chart to quickly show how many people graduated from each program.
  • An easy-to-see U.S. map to show where people go after graduation.
  • A comparison of the average salary of B.U. engineering grads in each area with average national salaries. (BU folk do better in all areas, but Computer grads beat the “nationals” more than the others.)
  • Long drop-down lists of individual employers and individual graduate schools attended.

For added marketing impact…

Potential students visiting this page (we’ll assume that recruitment communications direct people interested in engineering to it) should also see 3 key links: (1) becoming an “inquiry” for relevant program and admissions cycle updates; (2) applying for admissions for those ready to do that; (3) cost, scholarship, and financial aid information.

On Mobile…

Google Test My Site gives this site a “Poor” 9 second mobile download score, estimating a 29 percent visitor loss from the download time.

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