Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Alabama: Parents Communications… 23 March 2018

Communicating with Parents: 5 Channels + webinars and publications

University of Alabama Parents CommunicationsParents, wise people acknowledge, play an important role in the when teens set about the task of selecting a college or university to attend. Despite that, relatively few schools have a parents communication plan to stay in regular contact with the parents of potential freshmen enrolling after high school graduation.

At conferences people often tell me that while they recognize the merit in being in touch with parents, they don’t have the resources to create the content to do that. University of Alabama, on the other hand, has created a variety of content. Options are easy to scan to find the ones of most interest.

Parents have 5 primary choices for regular new content:

In addition to these regular sources of new content, parents will also find here the official “University Parents Guide,” links to webinars on student health and wellness, and a link to purchase “The University of Alabama: A Guide to the Campus and Its Architecture.”

All in all, that quite a content collection nicely placed on a single page that’s easy to review.

We don’t know how University of Alabama actually uses this page in communicating with potential students and their parents. The “Request Materials” form lets people self-identify as parents… anyone who does that for sure should receive a link to this page. And so, for that matter, should anyone “Entering UA as a freshman” to pass along to parents.

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Google Test My Site gives the Communications page a “Fair” 6 second mobile speed rating, estimating a 24 percent “visitor loss due to loading time.”

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Follow the multiple channels available for parents at the University of Alabama Communications page.

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