MBA Online Student Recruitment… Simmons College: 10 Email Contacts Reviewed

10 Simmons College emails from 9 October to 16 January

Simmons College Online MBAEmails subject lines reveal what an MBA program believes is important marketing content. For Simmons College, that includes 10 subject lines from October 5 to January 16. That number puts Simmons well behind American and Dayton re frequency. Unlike both of those schools (and Syracuse as well), no emails arrived in February or since then.

Simmons may have a cut-off point for people who inquire but don’t apply that’s faster than the other schools. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, this prospect has opened the emails but has not attended an online event. Might be a sign to clean the database.

For new visitors… this is the 5th installment in a series reviewing email recruitment communications and social media presence from 4 online MBA programs: American, Simmons College, Syracuse University, and the University of Dayton. The introductory post is here. The 2nd installment reviewed the opening emails from each school. The 3rd post reviews American University email. And the 4th installment reviews email from University of Dayton.

Email reports for each school start with the second email sent.

 October… Promoting a faculty webinar and an application deadline (3 Emails)

  1. Join us on October 16 for a Live Faculty Webinar (nice timing to arrive 9 October.)
  2. Priority Deadline: Don’t Forget to Complete Your Application (8 days before a 20 October deadline)
  3. Login Details for Tonight’s Faculty Webinar

November… Student panel, admissions info event, and application deadline. (4 Emails)

  1. Join Us on November 13 for a Live Student Panel and Q&A Online
  2. Final Deadline: Complete Your Application by November 29
  3. Final Application Deadline is November 29
  4. Join Us December 6 for a Live General Information Session (with “the admissions team.”)

December… Announcing a July cohort entry & an info session (2 Emails)

  1. The Application Deadline Has Passed. What’s Next? (now promoting the next July 2018 cohort.)
  2. Reminder: Online Information Session Tonight

January… Another notice for a “live general information” event (1 Email)

  1. Join Us January 23 for a Live General Information Session

Notes: While there are far fewer email from Simmons than from American or Dayton, the topics are similar: invitations to online events (faculty, students, admissions team) and application deadlines. Some of the emails (the event invites) open with “Dear Bob” none close with the name of an individual admissions person. All sign off with “MBA@Simmons Admissions.”

Expect a continuing review on an irregular schedule of the email content from each online MBA program, followed by comparative notes on the online inquiry forms, and individual notes on how the schools are using social media. Next up: Syracuse University.

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