Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Princeton University: Faculty Profiles… 6 April 2018

Highlighting Faculty in Student Recruitment at the Admissions Website

Princeton University Faculty Profiles AdmissionsHow quickly should you begin to introduce potential students to the faculty at your college or university?

The answer likely varies from school to school. Relatively few schools introduce individual faculty right from the start of the admissions home page. Princeton University is an exception.

Our Link of the Week page is available from a prominent invitation just under the opening image on the Princeton admissions page that introduces one of the 16 easy-to-scan faculty profiles that are on the full faculty profiles page.

Visitors will find people from a broad range of programs…

  • Woodrow Wilson School
  • Music Theater at the Lewis Center for the Arts
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Sociology and Woodrow Wilson School (two faculty here)
  • African American Studies and Religion
  • Classics
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Operations Research and Financial Engineering
  • Physics
  • Molecular Biology
  • English and African American Studies

As always with groupings like this, we have a marketing research opportunity. Which of these links are most followed by people visiting this page for the first time?

A content marketing note…

The admissions home page faculty profile intro is for a Classics professor. The link from there implies a single “Faculty Profile.” Might that keep some students not interested in the Classics from following the link? An easy change: “16 Faculty Profiles.”

On Mobile… a rare “excellent” rating from Google

Google Test My Site gives the Communications page an “excellent” 2 second mobile speed rating, estimating a “low” visitor loss from download speed. Yes, even a page with 16 faculty photos can download quickly to a smartphone.

Follow the Link of the Week

Visit an unusual presentation of 16 faculty profiles at the Princeton University “Faculty Profiles” page.

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