Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… D’Youville College: Academic Program Page for Student Recruitment… 4 May 2018

Academic Program Page Created for Student Recruitment at D’Youville College

D'Youville College Business ManagementWe selected the Business Management page at D’Youville as a Link of the Week just about two years ago. And while many of our selections vanish over two years (often not with a better replacement), we are happy to note today that the academic page content and presentation at D’Youville remains among the strongest in higher education.

Academic program pages are the first stop on a college or university website for many potential students. Fail here and the chance of enrolling a potential visitor falls.

How does the D’Youville site stand out from many others? Consider these elements:

  • 3 immediately visible call-to-action links recognize that potential students vary in the action they are ready to take. And so they have options here to “Plan a Visit” or “Request Info” or “Apply Now” right from this page without having to navigate elsewhere.
  • The “Overview” and 3 sections that follow focus on why a person should study at D’Youville rather than the generic “Why study (name of program)” content that plagues many academic program pages.
  • “Why Choose D’Youville” features 4 easy-to-scan bullet points, including a link to the faculty who teach in the program.
  • The section to learn about “Automatic Merit-Based Scholarship Consideration” includes the test score and GPA combination needed to win several scholarships (and the amounts for each level) as well as the GPA needed to maintain the award after enrolling.

On Mobile…

Google Test My Site gives the Business Management website page a “Good” 4 second mobile speed rating, estimating a low 10 percent visitor loss from download speed.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Experience an academic program page with a stronger-than-usual student recruitment focus when you visit Business Management at D’Youville College.

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