Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Davidson College: Career Outcomes… 15 June 2018

Easy-to-Scan Davidson College Career Outcomes Site with Results by Individual Majors

Davidson College Career OutcomesLearning about college and university career results in a top task increasing in importance at a time when article questioning the value of a college education are increasingly easy to find. Most people still believe a college education is important. But what about results for individual colleges? Especially private sector schools with high sticker prices?

Davidson College has created an especially strong career outcomes content example. On either mobile or desktop/laptop, the Career Outcomes 2017 page is easy to scan for key points like these:

  • 6 months after graduation… everybody has something like this.
  • 5 year class comparison from 2013… relatively rare.
  • State-by-state distribution, with numbers in each state… the U.S. image is common but the actual number in each state is not.
  • “Top Industries and Education Categories”… interactive, letting you quickly switch between industry and education results.
  • Key employers… common everywhere.
  • “Notable Colleges and Universities”… featuring 10 schools whose notability may vary with the viewer.
  • “All Sectors by Major”… an uncommon feature that lets people select from a list of Davidson majors and view career results by the majors of highest interest. My favorite element here.
  • Another interactive chart and a list of “interesting facts” closes out the page.

High survey completion rate…

In small print at the bottom of the page is the note that 91 percent of 417 graduates responded to a career survey. That’s a strong result that should be included in every “career outcomes” site.

On Mobile… 5 second download

“Career Outcomes 2017” gets a “Good” 5 second mobile download speed rating from Google Test My site, with an estimated visitor loss of 19 percent.

Two more worth visiting…

University of Miami… If you like infographics, you’ll love this unique presentation. Outcomes by infographic for each academic division. Not mobile friendly… a “poor” 10 second download time.

Vanderbilt University… Are you a tableau fan? Visit “Career Outcomes” at Vanderbilt. Alas, another “poor” rating for mobile download at 12 seconds.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Visit the especially easy to use “career outcomes” content at the Davidson College “Career Outcomes 2017″ page.

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