Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Colorado College: 8 Home Page Stories… 13 July 2018

Colorado College Home Page Features 8 “CC Stories”

Colorado College Block Plan Home Page“Storytelling” is hot in the marketing world. See, for instance, “Storytelling is the future of Content Marketing strategy in 2018” from Smart Insights.

That said, it is unusual to find “storytelling” content given the prominence on college and university websites that it receives at Colorado College.

The home page opens with an emphasis on the college’s strongest brand feature: the academic “block” program where students enroll in a single course at a time, for 3.5 weeks per course. As in a traditional semester based system, a student will complete 8 courses in an academic year.

Scroll below the block plan images and “About the Block Plan” content reveals an introduction to 4 different college courses:

  • Analytical/Bioanalytical Chemistry
  • Islam
  • The Language of Racism
  • Families in Historical Perspective

8 Stories Feature Faculty, Students

Colorado College CC StoriesJust below the course content appear the 8 high visibility “CC Stories” on a variety of topics:

  • Faculty book on women of color in academics
  • Bluegrass workshop
  • Student Fulbright award to study in Brazil
  • Faculty award for literary intervention
  • Faculty appointed to the board of a “nationally honored organization.”
  • Faculty member wins a prestigious literary award
  • Student markets a “health product with taste”
  • College adding a new “thematic minor in Indigenous Studies”

A “Writing Right for the Web” challenge…

Alas, 7 of the 8 stories (a “health product” video is the exception) lead to what appears to be content in a press release format that is impossible to scan for key points: no subheading, no bullet points, no links within the story. Long blocks of content that visitors cannot scan in a few seconds for highlights make it likely that many visitors will leave the page without actually reading the story. That would be easy to correct for more web-friendly content presentation.

On Mobile, a “Good” speed rating…

Colorado College proves that a feature-filled home page doesn’t have to be a mobile-slow home page. Google TestMySite gives a “Good” 5 second download speed rating, with an estimated visitor loss of 19 percent

Follow the Link of the Week…

To see how one college gives home page prominence to a storytelling feature, visit the Colorado College home page.

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