Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Golden Gate University: #1 Ranking Details… 7 September 2018

Taking Best Advantage of a #1 Rating: 7 Reasons for the Golden Gate Ranking

Golden State University Best College for Adult LearnersJust about every college and university can pick from a plethora of ratings to highlight something on the home page and elsewhere on the site. Problem is that seldom do schools bother to note the reasons for receiving a high rating. And in this era of increased marketing skepticism, the failure to do that diminishes the impact of promoting the ratings.

  • For Golden Gate University the need to do this is greater than for most others as the #1 Ranking for “adult learners” received from Washington Monthly opens the home page, including a link to “Learn more” that goes to our Link of the Week page. If people follow that link path, there had better be something worthwhile for them on the other end.

Golden Gate delivers with an easy-to-scan presentation of 7 elements used to rank programs like this under a “How GGU was chosen” heading:

  • ease of transfer enrollment
  • flexibility of programs
  • services available for adult learners
  • percent of adult learners (25+)
  • mean earnings of adult students ten years after entering college
  • loan repayment of adult students five years after entering repayment
  • tuition and fees for in-district students

After scanning that list, visitors can go directly to the review article itself if that’s of interest.

Another note: the page opening reinforces the Washington Monthly rating with a quote from the New York Times: “Golden Gate should be a model for how other institutions can adapt to the newer, older face of American college students.” And, of course, a link to that story.

Additional marketing steps…

The content presentation here doesn’t have to be unique to Golden Gate. The detail page is quite short and easy to create. If you have a special ranking result that deserves highlighting, follow the Golden Gate example. If you have complementary reviews from students and alumni, this is a good place to strengthen the marketing impact by linking to that content from this page. And then, of course, include a link to this location in your inquiry-response email contact.

On Mobile, Speed Rating is “Good”…

Google Test My Site gives the rankings page a “Good” 5 second mobile download time, with an estimated visitor loss of 19 percent.

Golden State UniversityThe home page doesn’t do as well, with a 7 second “Fair” rating and an estimated visitor loss of 26 percent. (But content is “student recruitment strong” with major links for “Find Your Program” just above links to request information or apply for admission or make an immediate call.)

Follow the Link of the Week…

Check how one university presents #1 ranking details to appeal to potential students when you visit “Best College for Adult Learners – Number One Ranking.”

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