College Presidents & US News Rankings… What do they say on Twitter?

Most college presidents on Twitter ignore US News Rankings

Some time ago I started a list of college and university presidents with Twitter accounts. That list (including some retired folk) now is at 110 presidents. I’ve no idea how many presidents are on Twitter… my list was built as I happened to come upon a relevant tweet. If you want to scan the list, “Presidents on Twitter” is here.

On September 10 I saw my first comment from a president about the improved standing of his school in the US News rankings. Many if not most people in higher ed have a love/hate relationship with the annual rankings. I’m not going to delve into the pros and cons here. I was just curious about what presidents might say in public on Twitter about the results for their school. Based on my list (the 110 people include some who are retired and a few outside the U.S., so that leaves about 90 still in position), they don’t have much to say. At least on Twitter.

15 presidents tweeted about rankings…

You’ll see 15 comments below. Some are direct from the president. Others are retweets from another Twitter account at the school. An extra note… only one president among the 90 tweeted anything about other rankings that appear in September.

How do presidents use Twitter?

  • Very few post anything at all controversial. This is a PR playland.
  • A few Twitter accounts started years ago and have very few tweets since then. Savvy social media advisors would recomment deleting the accounts. For instance, this one: the president joined in October 2013.. made 14 tweets between then and July 2014… and has not tweeted since. Most are not like that, but more than a few are.
  • Athletics, athletics, and more athletics for many presidents. There’s always a team member or game score to tout.
  • Homecoming.
  • “Grip and grin” shots with students, alumni, civic leaders.
  • In September, Constitution Day and 9/11 memorials.

Most prolific president on Twitter?

Who is the most prolific? That just might be Walter Kimbrough at Dillard University. Twitter wouldn’t let me scroll back any further than 15 September… and since most presidents who said anything about the US News report did so on 10 September I’ve no idea if he did or not. As I’m writing this Kimbrough, who joined in November 2009, has made 42,400 tweets.

Celebrating a ranking advance…


Adelphi Rising: University Moves Up in U.S. News, Other Rankings

Up 20 spots to #86 in this year’s US News ranking of the best national liberal arts colleges in the country. Well done Well done.

I’m proud to share that now ranks number 26 in the rankings by , ascending 26 spots in the last decade and continuing our extraordinary rise among the nation’s top public universities!

UH rises 21 places in USNWR rankings…it takes a village but it can be done!

Critical of US News…

 Retweeted Sep 10

Love the headline of this article thought this quote from would be a good runner-up: “U.S. News just does not understand the population of low-income students at all.”

And everyone else…

I am excited to share that Creighton University has once again been named the top regional university in the Midwest by US News & World Report!

This is what a 21st-century university looks like! is ranked among the nation’s top 10 most innovative universities alongside Harvard, Princeton, Duke and John Hopkins according to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges of 2019.

Angelo State University’s online Master of Science in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner program has been ranked among the nation’s “30 Best Online Nurse Practitioner Master’s Programs” for 2018

We continue to be an awesome value for our students. Thanks to all staff and faculty who make us a top choice in the Midwest!

U.S. News & World Report says Manchester University is one of the best values in the Midwest. Manchester, at No. 8, is among those selected for the Midwest’s top 10 “Great Schools, Great Prices” ranking among regional colleges.


For the 11th consecutive year, ranks in the top tier of the rankings of “America’s Best Colleges,” listed at #21 this year among the Best Regional Colleges in the Midwest.

This kind of recognition is only made possible by our incredible faculty, staff, students, families and benefactors. We are proud to be among the very best Master’s institutions in the West and in the US! Thank you all!

. ranks No. 4 best regional university in West for 4th straight year, No. 6 best value, and No. 1 for undergraduate teaching; engineering 18th best in nation. Read about all the rankings:


We’re once again recognized by as a Best College! Lynn is proud to be No. 1 in the south region for most international students: .


The numbers are in, folks, and we’re doing great! We’ve been ranked high this year, including the No. 3 Engineering School in the US (USA Today), No. 6 on return on investment (PayScale), and many more. Check out all our stats at !
 Retweeted Sep 26

Truett McConnell University ranks on list of Best Regional Colleges in the South.

 Retweeted Sep 10

That’s All for Now

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