Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Creighton University: Parents Communications… 5 October 2018

Parents Content: 3 Stages in the Recruitment Cycle at Creighton University

Creighton University ParentsDespite the important role parents play as high school students search about for the right college to attend, few colleges and universities have created communication programs that recognize that importance.

Creighton University website content is different.

Creighton has created a “From Your Nest to Ours” web page for parents that presents easy-to-scan content by 3 stages in the recuitment cycle:

  • “Parents of Committed Students”
  • “Parents of Admitted Students”
  • “Parents of Prospective Students”

Parents who follow the link of most interest will find content created for easy scanning and reading.

On Mobile… a “Fair” rating for download speed

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Follow the Link of the Week…

To visit a parents commuication page with content clearly differentiated by recruitment cycle stage, follow the Link of the Week to Creighton University’s “From Your Nest to Ours.”

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