Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology: Academic Program Finder… 26 October 2018

Easy-to-Sort 325 Academic Programs, 1613 Continuing Education courses at SAIT

Southern Alberta Institute of TechnologyFor every potential student at every age, finding out what programs are available at a college or university is a top task, usually #1 or #2. And that’s why it is a smart marketing move to make that task completion as easy as possible when a person who might attend your school first visits your website.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) makes the program finding task easier to complete than most schools.

A link to “Programs and Courses” is in a high visibility position on the home page.

Visitors have several options that include:

  • Selecting from 12 Areas of Interest at the upper left of the page. Follow the path to a particular area of interest and you’ll immediately seen how many academic programs and contintuing education courses are available in that area. For Energy, for instance, that’s 54 programs and 217 CE courses. (This was my favorite option.)
  • Using the keyword search box that’s available. Based on the keyword used, the number of available programs will shrink from the total offered and relevant programs will appear below the search box.
  • Using the short drop down list under “Offered” to sort between “classroom,” “online,” and “blended possibilities. (There must be a single word that can be added here to make the heading just a bit better… maybe “Format Offered”?)
  • A “Status” tool will will tell potential students if the program is open now or closed and opening at a later date. That’s a nice addition, especially for CE courses.

On Mobile… a “Fair” download speed rating

Google Test My Site gives a “Fair” rating for a 7 second mobile download speed, with a estimated 26 percent visitor loss.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Explore the academic programs and continuing education courses available at SAIT when you visit the Programs and Courses page.

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