Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week: Miami University: Home Page Accessibility… 23 November 2018

Miami University Home Page Highlights 4 “Critical” Accessibility Features

Miami UniversityAccessibility compliance is increasing in importance at many colleges and universities. Today’s Link of the Week features a relatively new home page (2017) designed with increased accessibility in mind.

The home page went live in 2017 with special attention to using 4 “accessibility components” that “benefit all visitors.”

4 Accessibility Features

You’ll find a detailed presentation of the rationale behind the new design in “Miami’s home page upgrades to a new look,” including the four “critical” accessibility design features:

  • Larger fonts and white backgrounds that make text more legible.
  • Colors that clearly identify hyperlinks and visited links.
  • Descriptive headings that identify content and bring order to the page.
  • Content that can be navigated using only the keyboard.

What do you think? How well does the Miami University homepage follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines? How does your own home page compare with Miami’s? From a smartphone? From a laptop? If you have a home page designed with accessibility in mind, share the link as a Comment.

On Mobile… a “Fair” download speed rating

Google Test My Site gives the Miami University home page a “Fair”  8 second mobile download speed rating, estimating a 28 percent visitor loss.

Follow the Link of the Week…

To visit a university home page designed to comply well with accessibility standards, travel to Miami University.

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