Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Alberta: International Student Recruitment… 16 November 2018

Key International Student Content on a Single Page at University of Alberta

University of Alberta International StudentsRecruiting international students is a key enrollment goal at many colleges and universities. Here in the U.S. that task has become more challenging for many colleges and universities since 2016. Applications appear to fall more at schools without a strong brand identity than at better know, more prestigious institutions.

One important success element, a particularly for those that must compete harder: Answer key questions from potential international students as quickly and easily as possible on your website when they first visit. University of Alberta does that especially well on a “Why UAlberta” undergraduate admissions page.

Whether you are recruting students to Australia, Canada, the U.K, the U.S. or anywhere else, people want to know many of the same things about your school that Alberta includes under three primary headings with links to relevant content for each heading, starting with brand strength:

  • Reputation and Rankings
    • Top 100 in the World
    • Top 5 in Canada
    • Research Excellence
  • Life at UAlberta
    • Student Life (Don’t miss the “What are winters like in Edmonton?” video)
    • Work While You Study (with a possible option to stay for 3 years after graduation)
    • Student Stories (just 3… this section might be stronger)
    • UAlberta Facts (with a 5 minute video including students from Egypt, Peru, U.S. and elsewhere)
    • Campuses
    • Housing
  • Our Location
    • Why Edmonton
    • Why Alberta
    • Why Canada

The page also includes links to 3 social media sites that focus on content for international students: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There’s also a link to Weibo.

Making this stronger…

A video on the “UAlberta Facts” page includes the number of international students at the university… and the total enrollment size. Why not add to the blessedly brief opening text (“Top rankings, unique experiences, and a great location. Explore some of the reasons you should study at UAlberta”) the number of international students at the university?

Easy enough to add “6,500+ international students from 150 countries study here each year.”

On Mobile… a “Fair” download speed rating

Google Test My Site gives the home page a “Fair” rating for a 6 second mobile download speed, estimating a 24 percent visitor loss.

Follow the Link of the Week…

To review an easily-to-scan international student recruitment website with pathways to answer key questions, visit “Why Alberta” at the University of Alberta.

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