Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… College of the Holy Cross: Clear Admissions Criteria… 14 December 2018

Holy Cross Explains Admissions Critera, Test Optional Policy in Clear Language

Holy Cross College Admissions Criteria“Am I likely to get admitted to this college I’m interested in?” That’s a question on the mind of most college bound high school students, often as early as their sophomore year. Different schools provide different level of detail and clarity to answer that question. Some don’t make any special effort.

Holy Cross provides an unusually clear outline, including an explanation of their “test optional” admissions practice on a “What We Look For” page.

Some key points we gleaned from what’s included:

  • About 38 percent of applicants are admitted.
  • Courses taken in high school are especially important.
  • A campus interview isn’t required but it is strongly encouraged as a sign of serious interest in Holy Cross.
  • SAT and ACT tests have been optional since 2006… if scores are sent, we’ll pay attention to them but you don’t need to do that. Reading between the lines, I had the impression that strong test scores might help overcome a less-than-usual academic record. But a strong academic record clearly is primary.

A “Tips for Applicants” heading introduces 3 sections:

  • Academics (take as strong a selection of “college prep” courses as possible at your school.)
  • Along With Grades (an essay and “supplemental materials you feel are important…”)
  • Show Your Interest (just sending a application isn’t an especially good idea.)

Writing Right for the Web…

Easy-to-scan headings, short paragraphs and sentences, bullet points and white space… all are strong examples of how to present content that people will actually read.

The somewhat frivilous photo of 12 very happy students (9 women & 3 men doesn’t match the 50-50 enrollment mix that Holy Cross notes elsewhere on the page) that opens the page doesn’t distract from visibility of the primary page heading: “Is Holy Cross the Right Fit for Me?”

On Mobile… a “Fair” download speed rating

Google Test My Site gives the Holy Cross “What We Look For” page a “Fair” rating for a 6 second mobile download speed, estimating a 24 percent visitor loss.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Review a clear, easy-to-read and understand outline of the admissions selection process at “What We Look For” from the College of the Holy Cross.

If you have a similarly strong page, share a link with us in the Comments section below.

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