Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… National University: Video Promotions Using Website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram… 18 January 2019

National University: Student Video Stories from Website to YouTube to Facebook & Instagram

National UniversityWhile websites remain the most important source of online content for future students exploring college options, social media obviously also plays an important role. National University recognizes this in integrating a series of promotional videos across website and YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The goal is to promote National’s “one course at at time” academic schedue… students register for sequential 4 week courses to earn their degrees.

As you review the series, you’ll have a chance to visit not only videos of conventional length (the 2 minutes range) but also some ads as short as 6 seconds.

The campaign was based on visits made when National “traveled across the country to spend 30 days with 30 students.”

National encourages students to “Share your #My30 story with us on Facebook or Instagram.”

Text also plays a role…

Video can be great but text also has a role to play. In this case, the “”This is #My30” page also includes easy-to-scan headshots of 30 alumni and students, nicely spaced from 2009 until 2021.

On Mobile… A rare “Excellent” 3 second mobile speed rating

Here’s proof that you can indeed create a higher education website page that gets a fast enough Google Test My Site rating for mobile download speed that Google doesn’t bother with an estimate of what visitor percent will leave rather than wait the download to finish.

Google considers 3 seconds an “excellent” time and estimates visitor loss as “low.”

Follow the Link of the Week…

Review the array of student videos of widely varying lengths when you visit the National University “This is #My30” page.

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