Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Rhode Island School of Design: Top Task Home Page… 11 January 2019

Rare Priority: 2 Student Recruitment Links Open Rhode Island School of Design Home Page

Rhode Island School of DesignLink of the Week selections for 2019 start with a return to the basics: a rare home page design that gives priority placement to key task links for student recruitment. In this case, those are links to the #1 top task for most potential students making a first visit: “Explore our programs.” That’s joined by “Schedule a Tour.” You can’t miss either one when the page opens.

Visitors who take the opportunity to check the available academics journey to an easy to scan alpha list of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Note that RISD is a design school… and resists the need to put a photo or artwork at the top of this page. The link promises a list of programs. That promise immediately is met.

Clean. Simple. Marketing smart.

On Mobile… a “Poor” download speed rating

Alas, Google Test My Site gives the RISD home page a “Poor” rating for a 9 second mobile download speed, estimating a 29 percent visitor loss.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Visit a home page with a clear priority for a #1 top task for potential students at the Rhode Island School of Design home page.

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    • Dennis… first impression… this is the first home page I’ve seen to lead with a strong “outcomes” position… an example of content that fits what people want to know rather than what highered marketers want to tell people. And the mobile download speed rating was “good” at 4 seconds. That’s better than most of the one I test. Liked the “search” option with the list of academic programs… good for people who have a specific program in mind (if what they call it synchs with what Stout calls it). I’ll be going back to wander about again. Bob

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