Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Nebraska-Lincoln Raikes School: Intro for Potential Students… 25 January 2019

Raikes School Combines video, key facts, and alumni ratings to make a strong first impression on potential students

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Raikes SchoolFor most students searching about for a potential college learning about the academic program that interests them is a top task when they begin to visit college websites.

Today’s Link of the Week example combines 3 elements of likely interest: (1) 3 videos featuring current students and their life at the school, (2) strong graphic display of key facts about enrolled students, and (3) ratings of the school from alumni.

Student stories…

Video stories open the page… and the first “Cat” story is followed by several others on YouTube as she studies in Ireland and travels in Europe. Brief. Believable.

A “campus life” video prompts visitors to “break out your VR viewers.” Well, given the current popularity of VR devices not too many people are going to do that. But the video works without them.

And a third story tells the tale of an enterprising student who started his own small business venture while at Raikes… ice cream delivery for enrolled students.


Graphics/text descriptions of 8 elements that describe “The Average Raikes School Student”

  • High ACT… 33 or better
  • Top 10% of the high school class
  • Coder… “some experience writing code”
  • Leader
  • AP or IB courses in high school
  • Innovator… “who can change the world.”

Alumni reviews…

Alumni ratings in 7 areas, ranging from 4.3 for “Networking Opportunities” and “Academic Support” to 4.8 for “Value” and “Resident Experience in Kauffmann Residential Center.”

On Mobile…

Google Test My Site gives the Raikes School a 7 second “fair” rating for mobile download speed, with an estimated 26 percent visitor loss.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Review a professional school’s intro for potential students when you visit the Raikes School of Computer Science & Management at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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