Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Temple University: 29 Student Vlogs… 15 February 2019

29 Student Vlogs Boost Student Recruitment at Temple University

Temple University My Life at Temple YouTube VlogsAt some point while moving along the recruitment track potential students will want to know what real students think about their experiences at a college or university. In today’s world one key way to do that is with student video blogs. The 29 videos in “My Life at Temple” is doing just that.

The small print in the intro sets out the challenge: “A student created vlog series that shows what it’s like to be a Temple student.”

The success of this endeavor depends not so much on the technical quality of the vidoes but on their realism. Will potential students who watch them find them believable? Watch them and decide.

A vblog series like this shows that we’ve come a long way past traditional “PR” profiles and overly rehearsed video snippets on higher ed websites.

The first vlog was posted in November, 2016. The most recent went online in January, 2019. If you do this, you’ll have to keep a steady flow of new content. And you’ll have to be sure the vlog topics vary quite a bit. Topics here include:

  • “5 Tips for Finals Week”
  • “I’m Going to Rome!”
  • “Top 5 Study Spots on Campus”
  • Basketball and Football
  • “Exploring Philly with Indego Bike Share”

Include a link to the playlist in early contacts with potential students. And include a link from the undergraduate admissions page. Right now that’s missing.

Be sure to “subscribe” for notice of future updates.

On Mobile… a “good” 4 seconds to download

Google Test My Site gives the YouTube “My Life at Temple” page a “good” 4 second rating for mobile download speed. At that speed, the estimated visitor loss is a low 10 percent.

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Watch the videos that most interest you when you scan the list of 29 possibilities on YouTube at “My Life at Temple.”

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