Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Fordham University: Undergraduate Outcomes… 7 June 2019

Marketing-Smart Undergrad Outcomes Data from Fordham Features Industries & Employers in Easy-to-Scan Format

Fordham University Undergraduate OutcomesIf you’ve been following various research findings on what potential students want to know about colleges and universities they might attend you’ve seen the rising interest in learning about the results that graduates achieve. Fordham University offers in the admissions section of the website an unusually strong example of how to present that valuable content.

The mobile version opens differently than the large-screen page. Visitors first will see 3 options for individual parts of the information:

  • Leading Industries and Occupations
  • Top Hiring Employers
  • Public Service Statistics

Scroll down a bit on the page to find the opening that appears on the desktop/laptop version, a chart on the “First Destinations of the Class of 2018.” Which is best? Beats me. No reason not to think that each content presentation version works.

Note once again the absence of a top-page campus photo that would only distract and delay people from the important content here. No images needed on pages like this. Keeping web design as clean and simple as possible is best.

The Fordham outcomes information is based on contact with 98 percent of the 2018 class. That’s an unusually high response rate.

Those who want even more details, including salaries for different employment areas, can follow a visible link to “see the complete 2018 Placement Report.”

On Mobile… “slow” 3 seconds to download

Google in March made major changes to the “Test My Site” tool. Among other points, speed is now rated using a 4G standard rather than the 3G level that Google told us until March 70 percent of people are still using to access mobile sites. Comparison with past Link of the Week mobile speed reports isn’t valid. Speed expectations are higher now than in the 3G world.

The Fordham University outcomes page is “slow” to download, measured by Google at 3 seconds. (That’s better than the rating for the overall site at 4.7 seconds.)

With the Google rating of a particular page now will come 4 “recommended fixes” (in addition to an available full report) with a brief explanation of each. For the Outcomes page these were:

  • Preconnect to Required Origins (Yes, that was Greek to me as well until I read the explanation.)
  • Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources
  • Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats
  • Ensure text remains visible during webfont download

Competitive comparison… Google now gives you the ability to add up to 9 URLs from competitor sites for comparative speed ratings. Do that. If the result shows that your site is slower than your key competitors that might give you new internal leverage to increase attention and resources to the need for a faster website.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Visit marketing-smart content about the results of a Fordham University education at the Class of 2018 “Undergraduate Outcomes” page.

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