Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Franklin University: Transfer Credit Tool… 12 July 2019

Serious about transfer students? Franklin University makes it easy to estimate credits, savings, and time to degree completion

Franklin University transfer toolFor many colleges and universities enrolling more transfer students is a key enrollment strategy to offset declining freshman enrollments. But how easy is it for a potential transfer student to complete an essential top task early in the recruitment cycle? At most schools, not so easy at all.

Franklin University, on the other hand, sets a clear path to learn about possible transfer credits right from a prominent (at least on the desktop version) link from the home page that leads to an interactive “my transfer credit” tool.

Key marketing advantage…

The tool is open to any potential student before applying for admission or even becoming an inquiry. Use it first… then decide if you want to identify yourself and move further down the recruitment path.

The same home page links are available on the mobile version… but hidden at first opening under the hamburger menu icon. Scrolling to the end of the mobile home page leads to the “Transfer Credit Calculator” pathway with the prompt that “In just 10 minutes, get an estimate of how many credits will transfer.”

What does the transfer tool offer in 4 available steps?

  • Step 1… Type in the name of a college or university (all Ohio schools + others outside the state) to see a list of transferable courses at each school. Select the courses you’d like to transfer to Franklin.
  • Step 2… Pick the type of degree at Franklin that’s your goal and identify the academic area(s) that interest you. Select “I’m done adding programs.”
  • Step 3… You’ll find out if the courses you picked will transfer and if so, how many credits remain for a Franklin degree. You’ll also see the “cost savings” as a result of the transfer and an estimated completion date.
  • Step 4… If you wish, you can “save” your information by giving Franklin your email address and starting an account with a password. Note that Step 4 is optional… you can get the above information without identifying yourself.

That’s it. Exactly how long it will take will depend on how many courses you check from how many different colleges. But all in all, this is a rapid, easy-to-use tool that delivers what it promises.

If enrolling transfers students is important at your college or university, the Franklin University example of top task completion is worthy of adoption.

On Mobile… a “slow” 3.7 seconds

Google in March made major changes to the “Test My Site” tool. Among other points, speed is now rated using a 4G standard rather than the 3G level that Google told us until March 70 percent of people are still using to access mobile sites. Comparison with past Link of the Week mobile speed reports isn’t valid. Speed expectations are higher now than in the 3G world.

As with most higher education sites we’ve been testing since the change, the Franklin University home page gets a “slow” rating for mobile downloading at 3.7 seconds.

Competitive comparison… Google now gives you the ability to add up to 9 URLs from competitor sites for comparative speed ratings. Do that. If the result shows that your site is slower than your key competitors that might give you new internal leverage to increase attention and resources to the need for a faster website.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Follow the pathway to transfer credit evaluation from the home page link. Or go direct to the “MyTransfer Credit” tool.

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