Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Georgetown University: 24 Video Stories… 26 July 2019

24 Believable Video Stories from Georgetown University Students

Georgetown University StoriesVideos are popular. Stories of student experiences are popular. But like anything else, the content and the presentation have to be done well. Student stories in particular have to be realistic lest today’s hype-sensitive potential students detect PR manipulation and abandon them.

This Georgetown University series gets it right. Can’t say I watched every one of the 24 videos you’ll find on YouTube after the entry page but the students featured on the several I did view seemed relaxed and realistic without any heavy-handed attention to scripting.

The first video available as the page opens, “How to choose the right college,” includes initial anxieties from a student about whether or not she might have better stayed closer to home at a public university’s honors program. Needless to say, she’s happy now.

Follow the “Watch” link and you’ll see an easy-to-scan collection of 4 videos under 6 headings:

  • Clubs at Georgetown
  • Dorm Life (extra reality credit for using “dorm” rather than “residence hall”)
  • Things to do in D.C.
  • Everyday Life at Georgetown
  • Campus Spaces at Georgetown
  • Faith, Service, and Jesuit Values

The presentation works well. Visitors can quickly scan the topics and then each video included in that section with title and time clearly indicated. Overall times are good.. the longest is 5:50 (and most are much less) and the shortest is 44 seconds.

The first 24 videos are not the only ones available. Each row includes an arrow to extend the collection further for more on a favorite topic.

Georgetown University StoriesThe videos are also easy to scan on a mobile phone. Even in this age when “responsive design” is common, that’s nothing to take for granted.

On Mobile… a “slow” 8 seconds

Google in March made major changes to the “Test My Site” tool. Among other points, speed is now rated using a 4G standard rather than the 3G level that Google told us until March 70 percent of people are still using to access mobile sites. Comparison with past Link of the Week mobile speed reports isn’t valid. Speed expectations are higher now than in the 3G world.

The Georgetown University “Stories” entry page rates a “slow” 8 second mobile download time.

Competitive comparison… Google now gives you the ability to add up to 9 URLs from competitor sites for comparative speed ratings. Do that. If the result shows that your site is slower than your key competitors that might give you new internal leverage to increase attention and resources to the need for a faster website.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Review and view an extended series of video stories from Georgetown University students when you start at the “Stories” page.

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