Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Michigan: Social Integrity… 5 July 2019

Surviving & Thriving in Today’s Social Media World: Advice, Tips, News from University of Michigan

University of Michigan Social IntegrityLife in the social media world today can be, to paraphrase John Locke, nasty and brutish and short. Well, maybe not so short. Everyone, including marketers, can benefit from the in-depth effort by University of Michigan to provide a survival guide: “Concerned about fake news and protecting your privacy? Sick of trolls and negativity”?

The opening page offers pathways to major content areas that are quick and easy to scan:

  • Privacy & Safety… Protect Your Information and Create a Safer Online Experience
  • Glossary… Get a Handle on the Latest Social Media Terms and Lingo
  • Tools… Find Out More Through These Useful Resources
  • Media… More News

If you think you know everything there is to know about social media, check yourself against what’s included here. Most people, I suspect, will find something worthwhile. The “Media” section, for instance, includes a collection of wide-ranging news articles on the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media today. Scan 10 on the first page… and depending on your interest, maybe move along through the several pages that follow.

University of Michigan Social Media GlossarySpecial Glossary: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter

Pay special attention to this marvelous section. The Glossary opens with a section on “general” social media terminology and then continues to list and define terms specific to 5 of the more popular social media sites.

  • Facebook… 12 terms
  • Instagram… 17 terms
  • LinkedIn… 10 terms
  • Snapchat… 5 terms
  • Twitter… 16 terms

Thanks to the School of Information’s Center for Social Media Responsibility for creating the site. Let’s hope that resources exist to keep the content up-to-date. Especially those new news articles.

To keep your social media marketing efforts as effective as possible, include this site on your regular reading list.

On Mobile… a very “slow” 8.6 seconds

Google in March made major changes to the “Test My Site” tool. Among other points, speed is now rated using a 4G standard rather than the 3G level that Google told us until March 70 percent of people are still using to access mobile sites. Comparison with past Link of the Week mobile speed reports isn’t valid. Speed expectations are higher now than in the 3G world.

As with most higher education sites we’ve been testing since the change, the “Social Integrity” site is rated slow. In this case, “slow” means 8.6 seconds. That’s by far the slowest mobile download speed yet recorded.

Competitive comparison… Google now gives you the ability to add up to 9 URLs from competitor sites for comparative speed ratings. Do that. If the result shows that your site is slower than your key competitors that might give you new internal leverage to increase attention and resources to the need for a faster website.

Follow the Link(s) of the Week…

Review a comprehensive overview of the social media world (and give special attention to the Glossary page) when you visit “Social Integrity: Reclaim Your Digital Space” at the University of Michigan.

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