Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Unique Presentation for 215 Student Tasks… 16 August 2019

Unique “Task Center” highlights 12 Top Tasks of 36 “Most Popular” & 215 total tasks at Mizzou

University of Missouri Current students and future students have tasks they want to complete on a website. Lots of tasks. Some are “top tasks.” Some are “tiny tasks.”

The trick is to keep the tiny tasks from obscuring the route to the top ones. It isn’t easy. And while some of the tasks will overlap, different students have different top tasks at different time during the year.

University of Missouri shows us a unique way to make access to top tasks as easy as possible while keeping others visible as well… A unique “Task Center” website page.

Sara Rubenstein, senior coordinator for student engagement technologies, tell us this about how tasks appear on the page:

  • “They update in real time based on volume of use. It’s a really interesting data point to see trends over time. We are also obsessive about analyzing search behavior within the platform and updating tags and aliases to ensure no matter how students refer to it we get them to the right content.”

Easy-to-scan content presentation…

University of Missouri

When the page opens, 12 tasks are in immediate, easy-to-scan view in a nice combinations of icons with essential words to make sure visitors know what the icons mean. Even better, click on the “i” button to see a description of the task and an image of the page where the task is completed.

Note the high visibility of the “New to Mizzou?” pathway for new visitors at the start of the page. As you’ll see when you visit, the first 12 task links work best for current students. Future students, for instance, are not ready for the most popular “View my Class Schedule” link until after they register.

Search bar with 15 categories…

If you don’t see the task topic that’s most important to you, use the top-of-page search bar. A drop down menu can help your search by taking you direct to one of 15 content categories, from “Academics” to “Registration.”

Follow the Link of the Week…

Experience a unique approach to sorting top tasks from tiny tasks when you visit the University of Missouri “task center” website page.

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