Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Georgia Undergrad Admissions Blog… 23 August 2019

University of Georgia Admissions Blog Generates High Comment Numbers

University of Georgia Admissions BlogToday’s communications world offers a huge number (maybe too huge?) of ways to connect with potential students and parents and anyone else involved in the student recruitment cycle.

University of Georgia shows how an older format, a blog, can generate high comment numbers in response to the content posted. Consider these strong results from 4 of the last 5 blog posts for undergraduate admissions:

  • “Playing on the Same Court”… 12 comments
  • “Study Abroad – Student and Parent Perspectives”… 31 comments
  • “New Blog Look, Same Great Taste”…17 comments
  • “Emergency Codes”… 2 comments
  • “2020 Freshman Essay Questions”… 97 comments

UGA makes it easy for web visitors to find the blog. Just click on “Blog” in the top row navigation bar at the Undergraduate Admissions entry page.

Important note re impact…

Keep in mind that for every person who comments on a blog post, several more have read that post without commenting.

Follow the Link of the Week…

Review UGA blog post comments to (1) see what post topics are most popular and (2) what questions are asked about the topics when you visit UGA Undergraduate Admissions Q & A.

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