Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Central College: 5 College Cost Comparison… 13 September 2019

Central College Cuts Tuition, Compares New Cost with 5 Competitors

Central College Tuition and Financial AidWhile I haven’t been counting the schools that have cut or “reset” tuition prices the past few years, it does seem as if the frequency has been increasing.

The old model of high private sector pricing to show quality is falling to the steadily increasing tuition discounts needed to enroll students. Amidst the complaints that potential students can’t get past sticker prices and just do not understand how scholarships and “financial aid” can reduce total cost, more schools are actually reducing costs.

Central College is the latest to adopt a tuition cutting strategy. Tuition for new 2020 freshmen will fall to $18,600 from what CNN reported as “one of the most expensive in its state” at $38,600.

Quite the change. And Central is making sure every one knows about it, starting with a large “Our tuition is $18,600. You read that right!” text block right on top of the video blurbs that open the home page. Follow the “Learn More” link to arrive at the “Tuition: $18,600 Yes, You Read That Right” headline celebrating the new cost.

A Central College difference… competitive price comparisons

Central College Financial Aid and TuitionMost schools introducing a serious price cut like this do something similar. Where Central departs from the norm is with the additional cost comparison with 5 competitive school in Iowa.

To save potential students the labor of visiting 5 other websites to see how the new tuition + room + board costs compare, Central puts them on their own website. Cost comparisons like this are not unique. But they are rare.

How does the new “sticker pricing” compare?

  • University of Northern Iowa… $18,098
  • Iowa State University… $18,469
  • University of Iowa… $20,261
  • Central College… $28,880
  • Simpson College… 48,730
  • Wartburg College… $51,110

That’s still not an inexpensive cost, of course. Central makes sure that people will know that scholarships will continue “in proportion” to the new price.

Reaction from the media…

How did the price cut play in the Iowa media? Check these examples:

Follow the Link of the Week…

Review presentation of a serious cut in tuition and how the resulting total for tuition + room + board compares with a combination of 5 public and private sector competitors at the Central College “Financial Aid/Tuition” page.

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