Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Boston University: Early Decision Text & Video… 4 October 2019

“The Only Reason to Apply Early Decision” at Boston University with text and video

Boston University Early DecisionBoston University’s early decision admissions page gets right to the point as the page opens in a marvelous example of clearly presented, easy-to-read content presentation:

  • “The Only Reason to Apply Early Decision. You are confident Boston University is your top choice and the best fit for you.”

BU presents accepting an Early Decision admission by sending an enrollment deposit as binding: “If admitted, you must submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit and withdraw your applications to all other colleges and universities.”

Early Decision video…

That’s reinforced in the short “Early Decision or Regular Decision” video just posted to YouTube on September 30.

Early Decision is again noted as a “binding agreement” if an applicant is admitted. The admissions chap in the video notes some ways to know if you’re ready to take this step… you’re ready to enroll in a class, “move into a dorm, to meet your fellow classmates.” People not quite ready can apply for an early decision, he notes, will have until for “Regular Admission” and have until May 1 to make a final decision.

Alas, BU has disabled comments to the video. But we’ll give kudos for using the “dorm” word here rather than “residence hall.”

Early Decision financial incentive…

Boston University Early DecisionA special financial incentive is offered: “Early Decision applicants who apply for financial aid and are admitted to BU will have 100% of their calculated need met.” Details of how that need will be covered, including merit scholarships, won’t be available until later in 2020. The financial incentive is not mentioned in the video.

Opinions differ re Early Decision admissions programs. But compared to the presentations of 12 others reviewed after the Google search, the BU example is far easier to read and understand.

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Review how Boston University presents and explains “Early Decision” admissions when you visit “Early Decision at BU.”

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