Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Full Sail University: Simple, Clean, Mobile-Friendly Admissions Site… 25 October 2019

Full Sail Admissions Site: Subtle Marketing, Easy-to-Scan Topics, Mobile Friendly

Full Sail University AdmissionsSafe to say that most potential students visiting a higher education admissions site are not epecially interested in knowing about “academic rigor” or “wholistic admissions” or badges touting placements in various ratings schemes. Instead, they are looking for basic information presented in a clear design format that’s easy to scan to see what’s included on the page.

Full Sail University has created an admissions website that’s almost as easy to use on a smartphone as on a large screen device, as if it were created from a “mobile first” viewpoint. Lots of white space. No long text blocks. Fine font sizes. Easy to click links. A strong example for a “Writing Right for the Web” workshop.

First introduced are 6 factors called “The Full Sail Advantage” in large blocks with a short title ane a brief decription:

  • “Half the Time”… how you can earn a degree in 24 months instead of 4 years with courses that start every month.
  • “Cost of Living”… expenses are lower since you are earning your degree faster.
  • “What’s Included?”… costs of books “are included in tuition.”
  • “Start Anytime”… new students can start every month.
  • “Full Sail’s Tuition is Locked”… Tuition is “set for the duration of your program and doesn’t rise semester to semester.”
  • “Come Back Anytime” if you have to stop out for a time.

Full Sail UniversityScroll down the page just a bit and you are past the marketing points and into the  substance of the page… 6 topics linking to more info on:

  • Tuition
  • Explore Scholarships
  • Financial Aid
  • Military Benefits
  • Housing
  • Explore the Area

Follow the “Tuition” link and you’ll see the total cost of 21 academi programs, from $66,000 to $86,500. If the cost seems a bit high, you don’t have to go back to the main page to learn about how you might reduce that. You can’t miss the prominent links to “Explore Scholarships” and to “Financial Aid” at the top of the page.

On Mobile…

The opening scan works better on desktop and laptop computers than on mobile. On your smartphone you’ll need tap the circles underneath the “Half the Time” topic (or swipe left with your thumb) for a horizontal scroll that reveals the other 5 topics. Is that intuitive? Can’t say. Certainly it isn’t common. Many people might move right on down to the substative items that appear in the usual vertical array.

Want to make immediate contact with Full Sail from your phone? You won’t miss the options at the end of the page to “call” or “chat.” Not in a hurry? Just complete the blessedly brief web-friendly “Request Info” form.

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Explore an admissions site with strong content presentation and subtle marketing at Full Sail University Admissions.

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