Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Xavier University: Campus Visit Landing Page… 13 December 2019

Comprehensive yet easy-to-scan campus visit landing page from Xavier University skips glitz & glamour

Xavier UniversityWhen you advertise or send emails to potential students, links for people to follow should take them immediately to the expected destination and present that content in a design format that’s quick and easy to understand. That’s basic direct marketing 101… but not everyone follows the formula.

Xavier University gets it right with a landing page designed for students who follow the prompt on an email from a current student highlighting her study abroad experiences. But the primary purpose of the email is not study abroad promotion. The goal here is to increase campus visits.

Follow the link in the email and you arrive at a page that first presents 8 different visit opportunities:

  • Daily tours
  • Open houses
  • Group tours
  • Preview day
  • Nursing and OT info sessions
  • Transfer info sessions

Xavier University campus visitThere’s much more content on the page but this first array of visit opportunities in a simple box format is easy to scan on either a mobile or large screen device. No brand photos at the start or anything else in the “glitz and glamour” category of website design that would interfere with the expected content promised in email. The drones were grounded. Simplicity means higher conversions. And more campus visits.

What’s a “PPP” major?…

Of course, perfection is elusive. Move along from the landing page to learn more about an X-Day visit and you’ll find four “Featured Students,” complete with photo, name, country or state of origin, and major. Three of those majors are easy enough to understand. Peyton Byrne, a class of 2020 student from Louisville, is a “PPP” major. What’s that?

A search for “PPP” doesn’t turn up anything to tell us. The truly intrepid might open the hamburger menu symbol, connect to academics, and then to “undergraduate” to scan the resulting alpha list to discover that “PPP” stands for “Philosophy, Politics, and the Public.” Best to just spell this out on the “featured” spot.

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