Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Drexel University: Student Video Stories & More… 13 March 2020

Student Video Stories & More from Drexel University

Drexel UniversityResearch tells us the college-bound high school students are interested in viewing video stories from students who attend the colleges and universities they are exploring for possible entry. Not “PR” videos, of course. Videos that seem to convey the real feelings of real students.

The “PR” vs. “real” difference is a fine line to walk. See how well you think Drexel has done this as you watch the collection of student video stories presented on one of several “Life at Drexel” pages in the Admissions section of the website. The ones I watched were admirably brief and seemed designed to mix some usual “PR” content with individual comments from students. Yes, the students were scripted. And yes, they still seem to communicate real individual experiences that differed from person to person.

Scoll though the page and you’ll note that other video topics are included, including several that introduce Philadelphia and its opportunities, athletic opportunities, and international experiences.

Brief text content below each video includes the academic area of the featured student. That’s a nice touch not always found in a video series.

Drexel UniversityDrexel did feel compelled to add some usual marketing copy at the start of the page rather than begin with the videos themselves. On a desktop or laptop view that does not detract overly much from getting right to the videos below it. On mobile the same content takes up more space in the narrower format. You will get to the videos but it will take just a bit longer.

In both formats the photo sizing and accompanying text is well done. It won’t make you squint to read the text or view the student in the video.

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