Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… Nottingham Trent University: 1,613 Searchable Student Stories… 6 March 2020

Searchable student stories: a rare find at Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent UniversityYou have to suspect that Nottingham Trent University has more student stories online… 1,613… than any other university. If anyone knows of a university with more, let me know.

That’s an impossible number to expect visitors to scroll about in search of stories of most interest to them. And thus the most important reason for this Link of the Week selection… the ability of potential students to search through after you see the first 10 on the entry page to find others that are relevant to them.

From a marketing perspective 3 filters seems most important:

  • 16 academic programs areas
  • 7 “level of study” areas
  • Country of origin (especially for international students)… Yes, there is one student from Brunei included here. And 28 from the United States.

Don’t force people to scroll through your stories and videos…

Nottingham Trent UniversityWhile I don’t think any other college or university can match the Nottingham Trent array, many schools do have many print and video stoies on their website. That’s great good marketing sense as content like this ranks high on what potential students want to see as they make enrollment choices.

Often the content presentation includes a few visible as a “stories” page opens. Nottingham Trent has 10 to start. If you are taking visitors from the first page to other pages with more stories, don’t make people scroll through each one to find an academic program or a student level that’s relevent to their interests. Engineering students are not likely to have great interest in stories from Nursing students. And the reverse.

Much better to follow the Nottingham Trent approach and give visitors the tools to sort through your offerings. Make it as easy as possible. The more stories you have, the more you need a similar search capability.

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Search student stories by academic program, degree level, country of origin, and more when you visit Nottingham Trent University’s “Our students’ stories.”

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