Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… University of Idaho: 17 Coronavirus Inspired Videos… 27 March 2020

University of Idaho Creates 17 Videos Inspired by Likely Coronavirus Closing

University of Idaho

The coronavirus crisis is forcing colleges and universities everywhere to produce new online content to support ongoing student recruitment activities. As for regular recruitment efforts, videos play an important role in that effort. And that new content has to be produced within far shorter timelines than is usually the case.

Today’s Link of the Week celebrates successfully meeting the timeline challenge.

Cliches sometimes fit the situation. And so “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” fits how the University of Idaho marketing folk created 17 videos in less than a week for viewing by possible future students.

Adam Stoltz, director of enrollment marketing, included this note on a LinkedIn post:

  • “Our team just accomplished an amazing feat. Less than a week to record, edit and publish 17 videos featuring multipe areas of University of Idaho,. while also full integrating Slate CRM, website and digital marketing with our visit office, recruitment, marketing, call center, adivising and colleges (just to name a few) to provide our future Vandals an online visit experience.”

I asked Adam if this effort was indeed inspired by the coronavirusd. His response: “Tremendously. We went from thinking that we could just do live vidoes to we will be closing in less than a week.”

Key to success here likely are the videos for specific academic areas at the university, easily seen near the top of the display on either mobile or large screen device as the page opens. Video times vary quite a bit, from over 28 minutes to just over 1 minute. That variation gives insight into what’s possible and what’s not within the varying lengths. My favorite for a nice blend of people was Education, Health and Human Sciences.

  • University of IdahoCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences… 1:07
  • College of Art and Architecture…  28:14
  • College of Business and Economics… 3:20
  • College of Education, Health and Human Sciences… 1:53
  • College of Engineering… 5:16
  • College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences… 7:35
  • College of Natural Resources… 8:16
  • College of Science… 4:28

Other topics covered include campus living opportunities, international programs, the honors program and more. There’s a video just for parents as the page opens.

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