Your Higher Education Marketing Link of the Week… New York University: 16 “Ask Me Anything” Instagram students… 17 April 2020

New York University boosts recruitment connections with 16 “Ask Me Anything” students on Instagram

New York UniversityNow that it is not possible for potential new students to visit campuses they might enroll at social media connections (and digital markeitng in general) have assumed a new importance in enrollment planning.

NYU takes an important social media step with 16 “Ask Me Anything” student videos featured on Instagram. Potential students can arrive here from the NYU website Virtual Events page as they scroll through to the “Ask Me Anything Class of 2024” section.

The “Events” page itself is well done and worth visiting as another example of a clean, simple design that makes it easy for visitors to scan the headings and find the items that most interest them. Items of note include:

  • 1:1 financial counseling sessions
  • webinars for individual academic areas that include “faculty, staff, and current students.”
  • link to the Facebook “NYU Class of 2024 page.
  • a section for “Parents and Guardians of #NYU2024” re a forthcoming Facebook page for those folk.

Notes on the execution…

Two changes in how the students are presented on the Instram page might increase the marketing impact.

  • Images for the 16 “Ask me…” students are scattered among 36 total images before you arrive at the last one. And there are numerous additional images after the first 12 rows. For visitors arriving here direct from the Vitual Events page it might be better to group the 16 together at the start of the page.
  • Why not add the academic area for each student on the image itself?   Many potential students likely are most interested in asking questions of students enrolled in the academic areas that interest them. Few students will ask questions of all 16 so best to help them decide where to start. The academic info appears after each student’s section is opened but that’s a slow way to find out which people match your interest area.

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